I hope you will bear in mind that a quality dog is worth the wait and that OFA certified health testing of the parents as well as constant … Help They receive health care, are kept clean, and all needs continuously met around the clock. Devoting our lives (and our families lives) to living with a houseful of furry friends, and caring for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, takes a great deal of devotion and sacrifice on the part of the breeder, and the breeders family. however, due to their size and personality, havanese … Learning that there is a place for potty, separate from living space, makes potty training much easier! That being said, it is important to me that you understand that I typically receive around 200 new email inquiries each day. This is AKC registration without breeding rights and we also have a contract stipulating that our puppies are to be spayed or neutered. call us today to learn more (reference 622717 when you call). I could go on and on - Would cease to exist. Sort by . This may not matter to some… but it does matter to others, and this choice is for each family or individual to make for themselves. The study finds that only about five percent of the dogs available in U.S. shelters are purebred; a significant departure from the 25% figure commonly assumed and stated by the media. Aside from dogs who may have become lost, it is their owners, who do not spay or neuter their pets and those who simply no longer wish to be responsible for their pets, that fill the shelters…. We are responsible breeders. All pups are raised in our home, central to family activity, knowing human touch, sights, sounds and smells from their first day. It is time for responsible breeders, and those that see the value of our pure bred dogs, to stand up for the continuing existence of both. Good breeders help to alleviate this by questioning potential dog owners prior to allowing them to purchase a puppy. Making this statistic even more interesting, is the fact that many shelters are now actually importing dogs from other countries to meet the demands of the American market. Doggies Breed Information | Good dog breeders are dog lovers. Placing the blame on good breeders, providing an essential service, is missing the mark and enabling the real issue to be overlooked. Why buy a Havanese puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? when fully grown and tend to love everyone they meet. Going a step further, responsible breeders state in contract that they will take their puppies/dogs back into their own homes should a family no longer be able to care for them at anytime. We truly specialize in cute & cuddly! They are raised in our home, cuddled, and pampered as every puppy should be! Business website. Therefore, it is not an issue caused by responsible breeders who are providing an invaluable service to the dog community and, again, why the real issue of irresponsible pet owners needs to be addressed. Champion bloodline: Yes. We realize that the decision to add a puppy to your family is a big one. Home | I work exceptionally hard to be the best that I can be for the good of my pups and my clients as well. Look at all the colors! havahughavanese.com. French Southern Territories. Havanese are the perfect package of charm, trainability and temperament. Purebred dogs are sought for the value in their known pedigree and the standards that we have come to expect within each of the unique breeds. Look into HavaHug Havanese and you'll see what makes us different. Continuing to remain a source of knowledge and support for families that have welcomed your pups into their home, throughout the lives of their pets, takes a great deal of time and effort as well. Feel free to connect with them to discover what havanese puppies are for sale in AR today! For instance, our puppies are only sold with AKC limited registration. I appreciate each and every one of you! Look through our photo gallery and you'll receive a glimpse into the lives of our HavaHug Havanese.Your puppies first months do matter.Where they come from does matter.Look into HavaHug Havanese and you'll see what makes us different. Havanese puppies come in black, blue, silver, chocolate, brindle, sable, red, gold, champagne, cream and white; weigh between 10 15 lbs. however, due to their size and personality, havanese … Puppies For Sale Photo Gallery FAQ HavaHug Havanese Puppies. This accomplishment ensures that our Havanese are free of the hereditary defects that OFA has determined to be the most prevalent in Havanese. Riley is a male havanese puppy for sale at puppyspot. Puppies For Sale Photo Gallery FAQ HavaHug Havanese Puppies ... FAQ HavaHug Havanese Puppies. Dog Groomers | Healthy Happy Havanese.