This type of leadership is inspirational, promotes employee development, uses individual consideration with followers, encourages follower creativity, and is process-focused (Tomey, 2009). ” A good transformational leader will continue to motivate and communicate while empowering staff to work towards change. There are many ways to motivate the nursing team to achieve the desired goal while increasing job satisfaction and patient care. Transformational leadership has been successful in the health care industry due to the visionary approach and adaptability when faced with obstacles. Today’s healthcare leaders continuously face the challenge of meeting high expectations and adapting to change. Transformational Guideship in Nursing Essay. Transformational Leadership in Nursing. Transformational leaders succeed regardless of restraining factors due to their ability to explore new ways to deliver results and find new approaches in managing resources in the ever-changing health care environment (Samuel, 2003). Since I am a member of the leadership team as a PCC of a critical care unit, we must be able to contain cost while ensuring staffing productivity and competency, along with improving patient outcomes. How about receiving a customized one? If members of the nursing team feel their concerns are listened to and acted upon, they will feel more satisfied in their position. Such leaders are usually dynamic, vigorous, enthusiastic and robust. A leader is someone with the ability to influence others but, an effective leader uses positive strategies to inspire employees to work towards the same goal. My current nurse manager, Cathy, is a transformational leader. When we have an odd number of patients, we tend to go over in man-hours, so we must follow our staffing grid to ensure that we don’t have to answer to administration. She builds relationships with the staff and gets to know everyone on a personal level. Another way to empower the nursing staff is to assist them in developing their own leadership skills. (Laurent, 2000) Transformational leadership merges ideals of leaders and … A number of research papers, in recent times, have thus mentioned that leadership in nursing is also a crucial part for the reason that nurses are now considered as the single largest healthcare discipline (Cope and Murray, 2017; Cummings et al., 2018). Different leadership theories support the practice of leadership and suggest that senior nurses embrace leadership capabilit… Required Readings. What Leadership means to me and a time when I was…, Leadership Development and Leadership Effectiveness, Cultural Safety And Its Application In Contemporary Nursing, Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct. Transformational leadership is a leadership style that breeds positive changes in those who follow it. Cathy is a good leader and remodel. Please click this link to view samples of our professional work witten by our professional essay writers. Retrieved from Leading and Managing in Nursing. Leadership Traits for Successful Management in the Clinical Arena. The Impacts of Transformational Leadership in Nursing Unfortunately, it is a reality that nurses are experiencing increased levels of horizontal violence in the workplace (Cleary, Hunt, & Horsfall, 2010, p. 331). Magnet Transformational Leadership Style Nursing Essay. “By improving communication processes, for example through staff meetings, patient care activities, and team brief meetings, organizations can encourage innovation and creativity which, in turn, will promote job enlargement and enrichment (Curtis & O’Connell, 2011). Within … My current nurse manager, Cathy, is a transformational leader. She encourages everyone to be a team player because when everyone is working together, there is a higher job satisfaction, less nurse turnover, better patient satisfaction and outcomes. The practice of leadership is now broadly identified as a vital element in overall healthcare activities (Johns, 2017; Ellis, 2018). Transformational leaders are known for their motivation and can prevent self-defeating behaviors, destructive emotions, procrastination and avoidance of problems (Samuel, 2003). Listening to the concerns shows empathy and also builds trust, which is important when working together as a team. This includes finding ways to overcome obstacles and continuing to motivate during times when the goal does not seem within reach. Oaklawn Hospital is a Magnet recognized hospital and our current nursing administration uses the transformational leadership model. As a nurse manager, you educate, encourage and support staff through the changes to come within health care. Transformational leadership theory is the process whereby the leaders attends to the needs and motives of their followers so that the interaction advance each to higher levels of morality and motivation (Yoder-Wise, P., 2014, pg. Leadership is not simply a role one is forced to take on at his/her work; it is always a choice that distinguishes a born leader from a regular employee. Transactional leadership is a brand of leadership that uses the “carrot or stick” framework. Microsoft Flight Simulator August 28, 2020. The online scanning system matches your work against over 5 Billion online sources within seconds. Nursing 10). “She provides constructive criticism, offers information, makes suggestions, and ask questions (Blais & Hayes 2011, p. 167).” Cathy lets me know when I am doing a good job and gives me recommendations on how I can make improvements. Transformational leadership theory is the process whereby the leaders attends to the needs and motives of their followers so that the interaction advance each to higher levels of morality and motivation (Yoder-Wise, P., 2014, pg. Transformational Leadership in Nursing. Home / Uncategorized / Transformational Leadership in Nursing Essay. The leader must use well developed communication skills, motivational techniques, and empowerment to move their team towards achieving the set goal. He created this theory to address the aspects of an organization in which leaders focus on the beliefs, success, needs and values of their employees. Transformational leaders value employee contributions, promote quality work performance and job satisfaction (Utley, Anderson & Atwell, 2011). A review of articles published between 1990 and 2003 … Transformational leadership style, Transformational leadership behavior, Teacher perceptions of leadership, and Transformational leadership in schools. The American Nurses Association (ANA) and its subsidiary, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), formed the Magnet Recognition Program (MRP) in 1994 as a way to recognize the healthcare organizations that practice policies that maintain nursing excellence (ANCC, 2013). We will write a custom essay specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn more. Learn widely means to extend your knowledge beyond your own clinical role and area. Leadership in nursing requires a constant effort to motivate others to become part of the organizational transformation. One major area of cost containment where I work is staffing productivity. That was just one of the many ideas that I had. In 1978 leadership expert, James McGregor Burns developed the first concept of the transforming leadership theory. The nurse leader can motivate through inspirational motivation. Blais, K. K., & Hayes, J. S. (2011).Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives (6th ed.) Transformational leadership style focuses on building relationships and motivating staff members through a shared vision and mission (AANAC, 2014). These techniques include helping the followers to connect their sense of self and identity to the mission and the collective identity of the organization; inspire followers by being their role model; challenge followers to go above and beyond what is expected of them, and understand their strengths and weakness, so the leader can assign tasks to its followers that can optimize their performance. Commencement Traits restraint Prosperityful Government in the Clinical Arena. Transformational Guideship in Nursing Transformational guides entertain the aftercited characteristics: design of uprightness and referableoriousness, conducive despatch skills, collects maintenance and memory, sets obvious goals, romantic, advance others and … This is due to its influential nature that seeks to have both the leader and the follower develop each other and together they work towards attaining a vision and in turn a new organization. Published Date: 27 Jul 2017 Last Modified: 18 Sep 2017 Disclaimer: This essay has been written and submitted by students and is not an example of our work. Transformational leaders have the following characteristics: model of integrity and fairness, effective communication skills, provides support and recognition, sets clear goals, visionary, encourage others and has high expectations (Yoder-Wise, P., 2015). Viper is a quick and easy way to check your work for plagiarism. Motivating the nursing team to assist in problem-solving or forming a team to identify patient care issues can also promote empowerment. Tags . Leaders who subscribe to this brand tend to be directly concerned only with results and outcomes. transformational leadership has positive effect on nurses’ performance.The values of regression test are 1 as it shows that strong relationship of transformational leadership on nurses’ performance. Allowing communication to flow evenly between team members and nurse leaders can also help decrease communication barriers. She gives us complements and rewards for working an extra day, orienting new staff or mentoring student nurses. Employee recognition or incentive programs can be implemented to generate enthusiasm and keep the team motivated also. But they are asked to write an essay … Learn widely, 2. Transformational leadership in nursing Assignment. Transformational Leadership in Nursing Essay Transformational leadership has been successful in nursing because of its visionary approach and adaptability. They will also be more likely to present ideas for improving patient care and be willing to work with the nurse leader and other team members to see their idea implemented. Cathy “is open and encourage openness, so that real issues are confronted (Blais & Hayes 2011, p. 168).” She respects each individual and “values and uses each staff members’ contribution” (Blais & Hayes 2011, p. 168). When a leader embodies transformational leadership, … Characteristics and Examples of Transformational Leadership in Nursing. By this argument, student nurses are leaders to their patients, a staff … Nursing team members that are involved in the change process are also more motivated to work towards the nurse leader’s goal. Uncategorized. In nursing, leaders are needed that will not only cultivate new ideas but also have to courage to use them and put them into practice (Marshall, 2011). Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Transformational leadership theory is the process whereby the leaders attends to the needs and motives of their followers so that the interaction advance each to higher levels of morality and motivation (Yoder-Wise, P., 2014, pg. Transformational example has proven to be an able example diction in the nursing occupation, demonstrating a lucid mission, a commitment to brilliance, and the power to motivate and repress others to preferable levels of luck (Schwartz, Spencer, Wilson, & Wood, 2001).Able Example and Skill in Nursing Essay. This can be achieved using a transformational leadership style with a focus on communication, motivation, and empowerment. Looking for a flexible role? Learning the best way to communicate with staff is necessary to guide the team towards the identified goal. (1978) ‘Leadership,’ New York: Harper and Row. 10).Transformational Leadership in Nursing Essay Paper In its most optimal form, it produces positive and valuable change within the followers with the purpose of developing the followers into leaders. As health care continues to transform, hospitals should work to improve current practices for the future. As we have already learned, transformation leadership is an approach to leadership that seeks to bring about changes in individuals and social systems. Clegg (2000) defined the By Maria Morales, MSN, RN, on January 24, 2020. The critical care unit that I work in has eight beds, so relatively small, and it is on the third floor. Reflection on Nursing Leadership The difference between a chief nursing officer (CNO) and a nursing student can be determined by experience, status, and education level. “Inspirational motivation involves behaving in ways that motivate others, generate enthusiasm, and challenge people (Utley, Anderson & Atwell, 2011). Act wisely is bringing thoughts and/or ideas back down to reality and doing what is possible with the resources that is available (pg. Transformational leaders are open to taking risks involved in encouraging change and transforming others (Marshall, 2011). Published by Mr Essay Hero on August 28, 2020. Company Registration No: 4964706. Leadership Style in Nursing: The Value of Transformational Leadership The importance of leadership in the nursing context is definitely indisputable. Transformational Leadership in Nursing. I am a big thinker and I dream even bigger. Acknowledging the importance of the team member’s skills and including them in problem solving can provide motivation to explore possible solutions to unit issues (Utley, Anderson & Atwell, 2011). Cummings (2008) found that perceptions of nursing leadership were different from general leadership because it placed a greater emphasis on nurses taking responsibility for and improving and influencing the practice environment. This cannot be completed without use of good communication from the nurse leader. (PCT); six patients – three nurses and a PCT, five patients – three nurses and a PCT, unless we are tight on man-hours then we can only have two nurses and no PCT, however if there is a patient(s) that needs behavioral observation (sitter), then we can have that extra person; four patients – two nurses, unless patient(s) need a sitter, then we can have an extra person; three patients – two nurses and no PCT; two patients – two nurses and no PCT and one patient – one nurse and no PCT. When a leader embodies transformational leadership, … Leadership In today’s healthcare system, effective leadership is essential to improving and reaching organizational outcomes. The rewards or punishment will then be given based on such performance (Howell & Avolio, 1993). Empowering the nursing team allows them to feel important and become vested in the change process. Furthermore, in this essay, the theory of transformational leadership will be employed as a foundation to analyze the clinical practice situation critically and scrutinize how the nurse demonstrated exemplary transformational leadership during the case. Transformational Leadership In Nursing Essay 1376 Words 6 Pages Critical Evaluation: 1- Transformational leadership In Nursing: personal life: Due to the continually metamorphic nature of this country's healthcare system, it's imperative for nurse managers to employ a transformational leadership style, which encourages adaptation to change.